City To Buy House Pelted By Baseballs

POSTED: 7:34 PM Jun 14 2012   UPDATED: 11:03 AM Jun 15 2012
0614 City Buys House

The Morehead City Council agreed to buy a home frequently hit by foul balls, calling the home's location hazardous to a family and their young son.

The house sits along the third baseline of Big Rock Stadium, home of the Morehead Marlins.

Jimmy and Gwendy Womble have lived in their Mizelle Drive home for seven years, but they said the foul ball situation is becoming too difficult to handle. Last year, the couple said collected 70 baseballs hit into their yard.

"For several seasons, my young son played in the backyard with a football helmet on," Gwnedy Womble said. " "Now, we've already collected 20 baseballs, so playing out there is difficult."

A net separates the house from Big Rock Stadium, but baseballs are still able to land in the Wombles' backyard.

Tuesday night, the Morehead City Council offered to buy the residence for $175,000, saying there was no simple solution to resolve the safety issue.

The house will become part of the ballpark, housing offices for the Marlins and umpires. The Wombles plan to remain in the area.