A man who has lived nearly a century in Craven County may get a day named after him.

At Tuesday night's Craven County commissioners meeting, they will discuss designating Sept. 18 as “Luke Martin Junior Day."

The 97-year-old Martin holds a unique place in history as one of the only surviving children of a former slave and Civil War soldier.

Martin’s father, Luke Martin Sr., was born into slavery in Plymouth around 1837. In 1863, Martin Sr. was one of the first men to enlist in the first North Carolina Colored Volunteers of the Union Army.

He died when Martin Jr., was a small child.

"Yeah, I'm proud of my father, yeah. If I didn't know him, I'm still proud of him for what he did for... If he hadn't did what he did, I don't know here I'd be. I know I wouldn't have made it. I know I wouldn't have," Martin Jr. told NewsChannel 12.

Martin Jr., still lives in the same house where he was born --that his father built-- in the Pembroke area of New Bern.