94-year-old woman gets sucked out of home during tornado

94-year-old woman gets sucked out of home during a tornado

BEAUFORT COUNTY - A 94-year-old woman was inside her mobile home when a tornado picked it up and threw her home across a field.

Grandson, Jerell Wilson said his grandmother Essie Floyd was in bed when she saw a tornado warning on TV.

"She said, ‘I'm not going to worry about it. I'm going to go to sleep.' and that's the last thing she remembers," Wilson said.

According to Wilson, moments later a tornado came over her home.

"Heard it on a scanner, a 94 year old lady on 264 and I knew it was my grandmother," Wilson said.

The tornado picked up the mobile home and threw it into a nearby field. Wilson said EMS found Floyd outside of her home lying in a field untouched except for a broken wrist and cuts all over her body.

As of Saturday, Floyd was still in the hospital, but family said she will be okay.

Family and friends spent all of Saturday cleaning up debris and finding any valuable they could salvage.

 Wilson said Floyd has lived on this lot for more than fifty years and wants to come back to it. However, family said without home owner's insurance the rebuilding process will be difficult.

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