8-year-old fights armed men in store robbery

8-year-old fights armed men in store robbery

VANCEBORO - An eight-year-old girl was inside a Craven County convenience store when armed men robbed the store Saturday night.

The scene was Ace's Stop N Shop, 9900 Hwy. 17, near Vanceboro.

It happened just after 10 p.m. Saturday.

The girl is the owner's daughter; the owner's fiancee was the clerk at the time, the owner said.

The girl is seen trying to fight off the robbers in store surveillance video; the fiancee pulled the girl away as the robbers continued to gather money.

"My daughter of course got up and started punching one of the robbers in the back," Ace Almontaser, the girl's father said. "She just did what she had to do. She's a brave little girl."

(Click above to watch the video.)

News Channel 12 spoke to the little girl, Amira, on the phone. She said she thought if she went after the robbers, they would stop.

No one was hurt.

Anyone with information can call Craven County Crimestoppers at (252) 633-5141.

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