71 Year Old Suspect In Motel Stabbing

71-Year-Old Suspect Arrested In Motel Stabbing

ATLANTIC BEACH - A 71-year-old man, Eddie F. Day, was arrested Thursday at around 4:00pm. He is accused of stabbing a male in his late 50s, Edmund Ferrell.

Day allegedly stabbed Ferrell in his side after a confrontation in the parking lot of Oceanana Motel in Atlantic Beach.

Day then tried to run in his SUV through the motel's playground. Police arrived in a couple of minutes and blocked him in. They arrested him without incident.

Ferrell was taken to Carteret General Hospital and later VIDENT Trauma Center for treatment of his injuries. People with the motel said he is OK.

Day is charged with assault with a deadly weapon and careless and reckless driving.

Bond for Day is set at $25,000.

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