5th grade boy caught with knife at school

5th grade boy caught with knife at school (Reporter: Amanda Brannon)

FALKLAND - An 11-year-old boy is accused of bringing a knife to school.

Pitt County School Officials say this happened at Falkland Elementary School in Greenville on Friday.

Officials tell us the 11-year-old was showing his friend the 7.5" inch knife when his teacher caught him. The teacher took the weapon, and the student was removed from class.

No one was injured in this incident; however, Heather Mayo, the public information officer for Pitt County Schools, says parents need to pay attention and to make sure students aren't bringing weapons to school.

"The biggest thing we would want to ask parents is that 9 times out of 10 it is the student bringing it to school for show and tell to show someone and show off," Mayo said.

"I think it's terrifying. That means anything could happen. Anything could be brought into school. You know where are the parents involved in this? Were they not noticing that their child was bringing this to school? It's very scary," concerned parent, Amanda Jackson said.

However, other parents NewsChannel 12 spoke with say this is something boys do and it's no big deal.

Amanda Jackson disagrees.

"It happened at my daughter's school and a girl was threatening to bring this knife to school and she brought it to school. I guess she brought it to get attention and luckily a teacher caught it beforehand," Jackson said.

In the 2011-2012 school year, there were 68 weapons were found in Pitt County Schools by administrators. According to Mayo, Falkland Elementary School was only involved in 3 of those reports.

"But regardless we will always want to communicate to our parents that they need to be talking to their students about the importance if school safety and how serious of a violation it is to bring any type of weapon on campus. Regardless of the intent it is a violation of school policy and the student will be disciplined based on that," Mayo said.

Mayo could not comment specifically on the disciplinary action being taken against the student. However, the boy is being dealt with through the code of conduct and the incident has been turned over to the Sheriff's Office.

Out of the 68 weapons found on school campuses in Pitt County, none of those were firearms because they are listed in a different category. In the last year, there were 2 firearms found on school campuses.

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