5 Year Old Hospitalized After ATV Crash

Family Ride Through Tennesse Mountain Turns Tragic

0819 ATV Crash

BOUGE - It was the perfect vacation for one Carteret family. A picture of Darrell York and his two sons, 10 year old Devon and five year old Cole shows the family indulging in fun while riding a carousel. That picture was taken a few days before the family vacation turned tragic.

Donas York said on Friday she got a call that her grandson had been in a bad accident.

Cole had been seriously injured while riding in between his parent on an atv in the Tennessee mountains.

"It started to flip and my son just pushed the four wheeler away, so it would not fall on them," Donas said.

Darrell and his wife Paula were ok, Cole hit his head on a rock

Donas says Cole has multiple skull fractures, one above his ear another going towards the back of his head.

"he said, am I going to die? That's the hardest things for a grandmother or for a son, for my son or any of us to hear," said Donas.

The family's church, White Oak Church of God in Bouge united in love on Sunday to pray for a miracle. Both Parents are ministers at the church.

"I talked to my son, I even spoke to Cole. Cole told me, nana I love you and he says i'm hurting," said Donas.

Early Sunday morning Cole was rushed to Duke Medical Center for a possible eye surgery. So far he's had one to re-attach his ear.

Donas says Cole is a brave little boy she says she has faith, that everything will be ok.

I'm relying on my friends, my family, and my God to supply and make the needs met for this little boy to make a total recovery from this incident. That happy little boy is in there we just gotta find him again.

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