30 years since deadly tornadoes killed 42 in N.C.

North Carolina - Friday marks 30 years since a deadly outbreak of tornadoes killed more than 40 people in North Carolina, including almost two dozen in our area.

On March 28, 1984, 22 tornadoes touched down in North and South Carolina, with two more in Georgia, killing 57 and injuring more than 1200, in just a matter of four hours.

North Carolina suffered 42 fatalities in the outbreak.

In Eastern Carolina, Pitt County recorded the most deaths, with nine. Bertie County and Greene County both reported six deaths, and Lenoir County reported one fatality.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, seven of the 24 tornadoes were classified as F-4, five were F-3, and seven twisters were categorized as F-2. On the Fujita scale, F-5 tornadoes are the strongest, with winds stronger than 300 mph.

In the southeastern U.S., tornado season typically runs from March through May, but could run as late as July.

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