30 Kinston homes slated for demolition

Kinston homes slated for demolition

LENOIR COUNTY - The city of Kinston is taking down eyesores.

"i was shouting i was praising god because we don't need to live beside something like this," said concerned neighbor Shelby Miller as she danced in the street.

City officials have a list of 30 homes slated to be torn down throughout the downtown area.

Neighbors like Miller say these homes are make the neighborhood look bad.

"To see that every day when i wake up and open my blinds that's the first thing i see we need that torn down," said Miller.

Last year, the city received a 100 dollar community development grant for the demolition process.

Some of these homes were damaged in hurricane Irene in 2001, but city officials say most of the damage is from years of neglect.

All of the houses have owners but no one is living in them at the moment.

Although there are two homes that are considered a Kinston historic landmark.

Community Development Planner Adam Short says both of these homes will be inspected by the Environmental Historic Review before taking action.

"It's something that weighs on our minds. We don't want to demolish historic properties if at all possible," says Short.

He says when it comes to choosing the houses they have to meet certain criteria to determine which ones should be demolished.

If the home is directly visible to Martin Luther King Boulevard, the existing damaged is beyond repair and the cost of demolition are taken into consideration.

All of these houses have owners but no one is currently living in them at this time.

Officials plan to contact the property owners to get permission.

"The houses we've chosen are so far beyond repair that it would be financially unfeasible for the property owner to rehab the home," said Short.

Short says they plan to focus mainly on the worst ten to fifteen homes.

He says those homes are past repair.

A decision neighbors say is long overdue.

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