3 swimming advisories lifted in Carteret County, 1 remains in Onslow County

CARTERET COUNTY - North Carolina recreational water quality officials have lifted three out of four water quality swimming advisories in Carteret County. But in Onslow County, a swimming advisory remains.

The advisories in Carteret County were lifted Wednesday because water testing showed that bacteria levels have dropped below the state and the Environmental Protection Agency's standards for swimming and water play, according to the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR).

The advisories were posted Tuesday for the following areas in Carteret County:

-Radio Island public access off Marine Road near Morehead City.

-The public swimming area at the west end of North River Bridge off U.S. Highway 70 near Otway.

-The public swimming area southeast of the wildlife boat ramp adjacent to the ferry landing at the end of Cedar Island Road in Cedar Island.

According to an NCDENR news release, test results showed the three locations had exceeded action levels of 104 for tier 1 high usage sites and 276 for tier 2 low usage sites.

The advisories for the three locations have now been lifted because the sites are showing bacteria levels below the state and federal recreational water quality standards, said the NCDENR. Signs advising against swimming, skiing or coming into contact with the water have been removed.

But one other swimming advisory posted Tuesday in Carteret County remains in effect, said the NCDENR. The advisory is posted at the Junior Sailing Camp in Taylor's Creek at 2452 Lennoxville Road in Beaufort. State officials will continue testing this site and will notify the public when the bacteria levels decrease to below the standards.

In Onslow County, a swimming advisory remains in effect. The advisory is for the public sound-side access at Morris Landing in Stump Sound, at the end of Morris Landing Road near Holly Ridge.

According to the NCDENR, water samples indicate levels that exceed the state and federal action levels of 276 enterococci (a type of bacteria) per 100 milliliters for Tier 2 low usage sites.

The NCDENR said the advisory is not a beach closing, nor does it affect the entire Stump Sound area. Swimming advisories affect water within 200 feet of a sign that is posted.

The N.C. Recreational Water Quality Program samples 240 sites in coastal waters of the state --most of them on a weekly basis-- from April through October. For more information, visit or on Twitter @ncrecprgm.

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