3 Arrested For Trafficking Prescription Drug Medication

Carteret County Sheriff's Detectives, with the assistance of the Jacksonville Police Department, arrested three Carteret County residents on multiple counts of trafficking prescription medication.

The suspects drove to Jacksonville N.C. where they purchased 56 dosage units of Percocet, a "controlled" prescription medication. The suspects were arrested upon their return to Carteret County following a traffic stop in the Bogue Community and subsequent search of the vehicle where detectives located the illegal prescription medication.

"This is what we deal with everyday with regard to the diversion and illegal selling of prescription medication. The dealers are getting a lot of their supply out-of-county and our bringing it back here to sell. We receive information and follow up on that information and are able to make these types of arrests" said Sheriff Asa Buck.

The suspect are as follows: Miranda Renee Lawrence, 22 of Newport . Michael James Lawrence, 27, of Salter Path. Ricardo Cozell Hill, 24, of Stella.

All three suspects face the following charges: Level II trafficking, trafficking in opium by possession, trafficking in opium by transport, conspiracy to trafficking in opium.

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