2nd MAW deployed to Afghanistan

Mission will focus on assisting Afghan army and government

2nd MAW sent to Afghanistan

MCAS CHERRY POINT - There is not a given number of hugs or kisses that helps ease the pain of saying good-bye.

Three-year-old, Caden, and one-year-old, Liam, are too young to understand what's happening.  They were told daddy is going to work.

"Caden understands I have to go to work somewhere.  He can still see me on the computer.  That's how we're helping Liam understand, too," said Corporal Benjamin Baringer.

The deployment is scheduled to last at least a year.

Once the 2nd MAW arrives in Afghanistan, they will be relieving the 3rd MAW.  The focus of this mission is on the Afghan army.

"We'll be taking a back role and provide assistance with the Afghanistan government and their armed forces as well," said Lt. Col Tom Bajus.

The Marines know the mission, but as they get closer to departure they start to prepare mentally.

"Keeping an open mind, being able to adapt to anything and to be ready for anything," said Cpl. Baringer.

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