2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band ready for Christmas concert

Annual music performance to be held on base

2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band ready for Christmas concert

MCAS CHERRY POINT - Christmas carols and combat boots fill the band hall on board Cherry Point as the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing rehearses for their upcoming concert.

"You'll hear come Christmas classics, but at the same time we like to introduce some fun tunes to get people in the Christmas spirit," said Chief Warrant Officer 3, Benjamin Bartholomew.

Fun tunes like Trans Siberian Orchestra's Carol of Bells is on the playlist.  A large crowd is expected.

"We do recommend that people get there early to make sure they have a seat," said Bartholomew.

The concert is free and open to the public.

"When you have that many people receptive to our playing, it's exciting.  It's like an adrenaline rush," said Staff Sergeant Terri Kopetzki.

The band is bigger this year because of military budget cuts.

"I just came up from Albany, Georgia, the band there just recently closed down and a bunch of us moved," said Staff Sergeant Kopetzki.

More members mean more sound from the 2nd MAW Band.

The concert will be held in the theater at MCAS Cherry Point, December 7th, 7pm.

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