21st century crime fighting

Rise in technology helps officers make arrests

Fighting crime in the 21st century

GREENVILLE, PITT COUNTY- - The Greenville Police Department is fighting crime with new technology.

The crime rate in Greenville has decreased about 10% since this time last year. Sergeant Joe Friday says a big reason is their technological advancement.

Their YouTube page alone has helped them solve two crimes over the last month. "It enables us to share video with agencies, with the public," said Friday, "with whomever we need to and to disperse video rapidly."

Greenville PD arrested 34 year old Dennis Whitley who allegedly stole from SEARS in Greenville on four separate occasions. He was identified and apprehended with help from the YouTube video.

Police say hit and run suspect Dale Ehle Jr. collided with a fire hydrant, tree and city directory in Greenville. A Craven County Officer recognized Ehle Jr.'s car after watching the video on the YouTube page and notified Greenville PD. Police contacted Ehle Jr. who subsequently confessed.

Friday says when you have "100 thousand or 200 thousand people watching something it's a lot more effective than having a hundred police officers try to watch it."

The Greenville PD has also introduced video cameras worn by their officers. They provide footage which serves as "testimony irrefutable in court," according to Friday.

They have also attached license plate readers to some cruisers. They read the rear license plates of oncoming cars and notify the officer if the car is improperly tagged, or not following regulations.

Next, the department may be purchasing an electric motorcycle.

Some crimes remain unsolved. Officers are asking the public to view the videos on their YouTube page and come forward with any new information.

To visit the Greenville PD YouTube page click here

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