211 phone number to help with food, shelter and more

PITT COUNTY - Local leaders have unveiled a new community service that connects people who need help with food, shelter, or employment.

On Thursday, the United Way of Pitt County and Greenville Mayor Allen Thomas announced the 211 phone number, which allows callers to be connected with local human, health and social services in their communities. Callers can receive help with employment, food, parenting, addiction prevention, affordable housing options, support groups and volunteer opportunities.

"Two-one-one is a convenient, easy way for people to get access to services when they need it the most," said Jim Ciesler, executive director of United Way of Pitt County.

Mayor Thomas made the ceremonial first call Thursday from the United Way board room in Greenville.

Calls are free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

One woman said she is no longer living in a shelter because of the services the United Way provides.

"While staying in the shelter, I received meals, had somewhere safe to sleep at night, had people to talk to [and] point me in the right direction," said Phylissa Belcher.

Belcher said the United Way helped her find a job, get back in school, get a home, and become reestablished with her children.

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