2 charged in motel meth bust in Carteret County

2 charged in motel meth bust in Carteret County

NEWPORT, CARTERET COUNTY -  Police have charged two people for allegedly manufacturing meth at a motel in Carteret County.

According to investigators, Katie Craft, of Newport, and Brandon Hobbs, of Atlantic Beach, were arrested after police discovered a meth lab in a room at the Hostess House motel on Roberts Road in Newport. Police said they received an anonymous tip and arrived at the scene at about 10 p.m. Sunday.

Rooms adjacent to the suspects' room had to be evacuated because of possible danger from the potent chemical, said investigators. Occupants in those rooms included elderly people and a baby.

Bruce Farmer said he's lived at the Hostess House for little over a year.

"Didn't notice anything strange, no strange behavior or anything up until last night then boom a bust," he said.

Newport Police Chief Jeff Clark said Hobbs and Craft were in the process of cooking the meth when officers arrived.

"We now have to clean-up what's left behind. All the chemicals and things like that have to be decontaminated and the room will have to be also be decontaminated before it can be put back into service," he said.

Both suspects have been charged with manufacturing methamphetamine and possessing/distributing a meth precursor.

Under a new law that went into effect on Dec. 1 in North Carolina, anyone convicted of manufacturing meth around a child, senior or person with disabilities will have an additional two years added to their sentence.

The State Bureau of Investigation arrived at the scene Monday morning to assist.

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