2 arrested after pit bull found with severe neck injuries

2 arrested after pit bull found with severe neck injuries

JONES COUNTY - Deputies have arrested two people accused of tying a parachute cord around a dog's neck, causing severe trauma.

Markela Sanders Joseph, 36, and her godson, Latigue Chance Alston, 17, both of Deerfield Trail just north of Maysville, were arrested on Friday, according to the Jones County Sheriff's Office.

The suspects each face felony and misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty.

Warrants state the suspects allegedly placed a parachute cord around the neck of a 2-year-old female pit bull mix to restrain the dog, causing deep lacerations. Photos from the Jones County Sheriff's Office show exposed flesh on the dog's neck.

(CLICK HERE to view the photos. WARNING: Photos are very graphic.)

Warrants also say the dog was deprived of food and water.

Dr. Bobbi Kotrba with Craven Animal Hospital said the effects of this kind of abuse will linger.

"Major infections in the skin, you can get deep tissue wounds. It can cause long-term throat problems and swallowing problems," said Dr. Kotrba.

Jones County Sheriff Danny Heath said he was unsure how long the abuse was going on.

Investigators said the dog has since been treated and is doing fine.

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