1st grader gets surprised by his dad

Army dad returns home from Afghanistan

1st grader gets surprised by his dad

HOLLY RIDGE, ONSLOW COUNTY - Dixon High School head football coach, Lt. Ray Swaney came home from Afghanistan and surprised his 1st grade son at school.

Ray Swaney Junior was sitting in his classroom at Dixon Elementary school Wednesday, when his dad walked in and surprised him.

Lt. Swaney has been in Afghanistan for the last nine months.

"This is amazing. Just being able to see them you know? Its been nine long months," Lt. Swaney said.

Ray Junior said the first thing he wants to do with his dad is jump on a trampoline together.

After the surprise, Lt. Swaney checked his son out early from school and left with his wife and Ray Junior's little sister to enjoy the sunny afternoon.

Lt. Swaney has two weeks to spend with his family before he has to return to Afghanistan.

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