18-Wheeler Carrying Pigs Crashes

GREENE COUNTY - An 18-wheeler truck carrying pigs has turned over in Greene County. It happened around 6:30 a.m. just outside the town of Lizzie.

"It scared me I thought hogs would be running all around everywhere," says Virginia Johnson, who lived near the crash scene.

The truck, owned by James Harrell Trucking, was traveling North on Highway 258 between Hwy 123 and Hwy 903. Of the pigs it was hauling, 158 were saved; 26 died.

"We had to euthanize a few, I had to use a judgement as to whether the animals were in suffering or in pain," says Chad Smith, a vet with the Goldsboro Milling Company.

Emergency crews and a crew from the Goldsboro Milling Company helped corral the pigs in the ditch before loading them into a different truck.

Even Greene County Emergency Management admits, when it comes to dealing with live animals at a crash scene, it can be a challenge.

"It is not easy, but you have got to do, what you got to do, to get the job done," tells Randy Skinner the Director of Greene County Emergency Management.

The driver, Danny Merritt, was not hurt. Troopers say he moved over a little to give a passing a car more room, when his trailer hit the mud on the side of the road, causing the overturn.

He is facing a charge of failure to maintain lane control.

It did take several hours for DOT crews and the crew from Goldsoboro Milling to have Highway 258 back open.

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