160 Marines and sailors deploy to Afghanistan from Camp Lejeune

160 Marines and sailors deploy to Afghanistan from Camp Lejeune

JACKSONVILLE, ONSLOW COUNTY - The 2nd Marine Logistics Group left for Afghanistan on Thursday, to help bring military gear and equipment back to the United States.

The 160 Marines and sailors are part of a group to help military drawdown to bring troops home.

"As they drawdown in troops, we will be drawing down the equipment. We will accept it, we will sort it, we will fix it to the extent possible and send it home," said Major Beth Wolny.

Wolny is the Officer in Charge for the Retrograde and Redeployment in support of Reset and Reconstitution Operations Group, also known as R4OG.

The group is made up of active Marines and reservists from all over the country. Wolny said this operation is saving the Marine Corps millions of dollars.

"As we go into these fiscally restrained times we need to save the equipment we can, repair it so we are ready for whatever the Marine Corps needs to do in the future," she said.

Sergeant Jennifer Budinick is a Marine Corps reservist from Seattle, Washington. She said this is her first deployment and it's much different than her normal life as a college student at the University of Washington.

"It feels more like a reassuring thing to say well I'm going there to clean up, pack up the gear and come home. The harder we work out there and get it done we can be done with this," said Budinick.

Once the gear is accounted for it will be shipped around the world to various Marine Corps units in need of supplies.

Sergeant Jorge Silva is an active duty Marine and who has served ten years. He said this is his fifth deployment and he is happy to close this chapter in his life.

"There's going to be more wars out there, we all know that, but to know we're done with this , it's relieving," said Silva.

The 2nd Marine Logistics group will deployed to Afghanistan for seven months.

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