16-foot Great White Shark close to Pamlico Sound

An OCEARCH tracking device shows a 16-foot Great White Shark named "Mary Lee" is just off the coast of N.C., close to the Pamlico Sound.

"Mary Lee's" tracking device last "pinged" at 4:00 p.m. EST.  According to OCEARCH, the shark was about 50 miles off the Pamlico Sound at that time.  OCEARCH records show "Mary Lee" weighs 3,456 pounds.

It's not "Mary Lee's" first visit to our area.  The shark was tracked into the Ocracoke Inlet on January 21 of this year.

The OCEARCH research ship is not far behind "Mary Lee."  It's currently about the same distance off the N.C. coast and about equal with Core Sound and Cedar Island.  The unique 126', 581 ton vessel is equipped with a custom 75,000 lb. hydraulic lift and research platform, which serves as both mothership and at-sea laboratory.

According to OCEARCH's website, the group "facilitates unprecedented research by supporting leading researchers and institutions seeking to attain groundbreaking data on the biology and health of sharks, in conjunction with basic research on shark life history and migration."

CLICK HERE to access the OCEARCH Shark Tracker.

**Photos shown are from a previous encounter with Mary Lee.**

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