130 Marines and sailors return home in time for Independence Day

130 Marines and sailors return home in time for Independence Day

CAMP LEJEUNE - The 2nd Marine Logistics Group hosted a homecoming for more than 100 Marines and sailors from Combat Logistics Regiment 2 on Monday.

About 130 Marines and sailors returned home after a six-month deployment in Afghanistan, while supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

The group is the first wave of service members from CLR-2 who will be arriving home in the coming months.

Mothers like Frankie Warren say even after several deployments, the wait doesn't get easier.

"You know, you tell yourself, you don't let yourself think about what could happen, but the closer you get to him coming home, you think about all of what could happen," Warren said.

Her son, Cpl. William Crook, agrees that the wait is difficult, but the feeling of seeing his family makes the job worthwhile.

"It's amazing," Crook said. "I can't even describe it. It's a one-of-a-time feeling. It's great coming home from being gone half the year and seeing everybody here -- the smiles, the tears, the happiness."

CLR-2 is responsible for providing tactical logistics support to units operating throughout Regional Command Southwest as they continue to advise and assist the Afghan National Security Forces.

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