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#13 - Speaking of the hubby, I am married to a U.S. Air Force veteran. I am so very proud he made the choice to serve our country.

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#14 - I have now worked at a total of seven TV stations in 13 years. I started at a small cable station in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, then went to a station in Northwest Georgia, then a station in Atlanta, then Sioux Falls, South Dakota, then Macon, Georgia, then Omaha, Nebraska, and now New Bern, North Carolina. I hope to stop moving now.

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#15 - I have what I consider a large family – three siblings (I’m the oldest), five first cousins and too many second and third cousins to count. I think my family feels like a large one because so many of us are very close, and we like to gather in large groups.

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#16 - The two most influential role models in my life are my mother and my grandmother. They were two amazingly strong women, and they are certainly the reason I have become the woman I am today. You have probably heard me talk a lot about them - I lost them both to cancer within the last four years.

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