11-year-old N.C. boy charged in death of infant

CHARLOTTE, MECKLENBURG COUNTY - An 11-year-old North Carolina boy has been charged in the death of a 7-month-old baby.

Charlotte Police announced Thursday that the 11-year-old is facing felony child abuse in the death of 7-month-old Camden Johnson, whose funeral was Friday, according to WSOC.

The 7-month-old's mother, Wendy Johnson, was also arrested in the child's death. Johnson has been charged with felony child abuse and involuntary manslaughter.

Police said Johnson left her 7-month-old son alone with the 11-year-old at her home on Suntrace Way in northwest Charlotte over the weekend. The 11-year-old then caused fatal injuries to the infant, investigators said.

Police said they interviewed the 11-year-old, but did not discuss details.

The deceased baby's grandmother told WSOC that the 11-year-old suspect was jealous of the infant. According to the grandmother, when the baby cried, the 11-year-old child intentionally dropped him on the floor three times.

A child less than 13 years old cannot be charged as an adult. The 11-year-old is in the custody of family members.


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