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1006 Local man turns 100

Onslow County - He plays the fiddle and drives his van across eastern Carolina. He also is 100 years old. Clennie Davis celebrated his 100 year birthday this week. He was given a big party at the Vernoa Free Will Baptist Church in Onslow County near Jacksonville. He is not the oldest in his family. His sister, Hattie Howard is 101 years old, as of August 2012

His life story is rich in eastern Carolina history.

"He was born in western part of Onslow County, October 5, 1912 to Council and Lonie Davis.

His ancestors settled in Onslow County in the mid-1700's who fought in the Revolutionary War for Independence

To the best of our recollection, family includes three sons, seven grand children, thirteen great grand children and one great, great grand child. As most families, his descendants include many professions, trades, veterans and family members scattered across the nation and at times, across the world.

By chance, he was the first person in Onslow County to be licensed to drive an automobile due to the fact that he, at about age 22, and his father were in the courthouse in Jacksonville when blank licenses were.

brought in and began to be passed out. As far as he knows, his father got the second.

He had brothers who served in WWII in the European Battles.

His draft classification was changed to "deferred" since he was one of the original construction carpenters working to build Camp Davis, Holly Ridge, NC for the Army from the late part of 1940 and then in 1941 at Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville, NC was started, moved to work with the construction of this base.

An interesting note is that at Camp Davis, he "hung" (put in place) the first door at the first warehouse building while he worked there and then upon moving to Camp Lejeune, he "hung" the first warehouse door as it was being built there.

From childhood and as a young man, his life centered around farming and some timber work. Following the beginning of work as a carpenter, his trade remained carpentry both as a job and as a hobby even to this present day.

He is fully alert, loves to tell jokes and stories about "how it was" and many, many stories about various

events and personalities from his Camp Lejeune experiences. He currently lives alone at home and cares for himself in cooking, mows about an acre or more for his small mobile home park." - Julia Ann Davis, Daughter in Law

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