Long range 2013 hurricane forecast issued by Colorado State University

Above-average season projected

Long range 2013 hurricane forecast issued by Colorado State University

STORMTRACK12 WEATHER CENTER - Colorado State University has issued its forecast for the 2013 hurricane season.  Dr. William Gray and his team was among the first in the country to look at long range hurricane predictions.

Six months after Superstorm Sandy, CSU issues its forecast for the 2013 hurricane season.  According to CSU's statement, the Atlantic Basin could potentially have 18 named storms, 9 of those will become hurricanes and four of the hurricanes will strengthen to a category three or higher.

"They are really extraordinarily high, especially for the Atlantic Basin," said chief meteorologist, Skip Waters.

This compares to 19 named storms in 2012..another average year.

"When you talk about an average, I think the number is 14-16.  They are looking at the potential number of storms will be greater than that across the entire Atlantic Basin," said meteorologist Les Still.

Warm sea surface temperatures make it easy for disturbances off the coast of Africa to become hurricanes.  Currently, the Atlantic's sea surface temperatures range from the upper 60s to the mid 70s.  The temperature favorable for hurricane development is 80 degrees.

"That just set the energy field to give the storm the food it needs to strengthen and that's not a good thing," said Waters.

No matter the number, it takes only one to make it a memorable season.

"Everybody needs to remember that you can have 25 storms, and if none of them hit then you've had a good season.  If you have one and you get hit, then it's a bad season," said Waters.

From the first storm to the last, the StormTrack12 weather team will alert you to severe weather danger.

Researchers at North Carolina State University also forecast an above-average hurricane season for 2013.

The official start of hurricane season is June 1st.

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