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You can now ride your luggage around the airport

Getting around an airport may never be the same.

OTD September 23 - Shawshank Redemption

Famous 'Shawshank' oak falls

One of the most famous trees in cinematic history is gone. The white oak from the movie "The Shawshank Redemption" has fallen near Mansfield, Ohio.

The oak…


Southwest cancels 1,150 flights in 24 hours

Southwest Airlines has canceled 1,150 flights since the airline's full ground stop for on Wednesday.

American Airlines plane

Passengers evacuate American Airlines flight in Florida

Passengers from an American Airlines flight were forced to evacuate Thursday afternoon while on the taxiway at Palm Beach International Airport in Florida,…

Southwest Airlines

Hundreds of Southwest flights delayed after ground stop

Hundreds of Southwest flights were delayed Wednesday after the airline was hit with technical issues.

The trouble started when a "system outage" led to a…

Rio police protest

Half of Brazilians are against the Olympics

Brazilians are not happy that the Olympics are in their backyard.

MH370 Debris

MH370: Debris examined as more clues surface

Investigators meticulously examined a large piece of aircraft debris discovered on Pemba Island off the east coast of Tanzania last month, to determine if it…

United Airlines

Airfares are down, United says

Lower airfares during peak travel season? Yup.

Airfares should be down between 6% and 8% for the rest of the summer compared to a year earlier, according to…

Daredevil skiers

Daredevil skiers tackle park's highest peaks

When wintertime hits rugged Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, roads close and fair-weather hikers and campers go home.

But for a couple of adventurous…


Police: Pilots suspected of being drunk

Two pilots' alleged tippling delayed a trans-Atlantic Air Transat flight and landed the crew members in jail, police and the airline said.


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