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Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano - Montecristo

Doing time on Italy's prison islands

For centuries Italy has housed its convicts and political enemies on some of the myriad tiny islands that dot its stunning coastline. Though they once held…

Canceled flights Jan 22

Massive flight disruptions expected in China

Hundreds of flights to and from eastern China were canceled or delayed Monday and state media warned that more disruptions should be expected in the next few…

Bizarro Roller Coaster, Six Flags New England

Summer bummer: Six Flags attendance tanks

Six Flags took a dive on Monday and not in a fun roller coaster kind of way.

The theme park's shares plunged as much as 9% after the company disclosed an…

Hamish McHamish

8 unlikely, adorable city mascots

The world's most adorable city mascots have some heady responsibilities and impressive lines on their CVs, from running a train station to gracing a "Vanity…

Airport security, TSA

TSA passenger security fee rises

The costs of your airline travel will rise a little today, thanks to the federal government.

Airline passenger security fees charged by the Transportation…

Airplane traffic

MH17 crash prompts flight detours

Commercial airlines that usually cross eastern Ukraine on their flights to Europe, Asia and elsewhere are detouring away from the volatile region in light of…

Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines may need government rescue

It has been a tragic year for Malaysia Airlines.

Just four months after Flight 370 disappeared, a second Malaysia Airlines plane crashed Thursday over eastern…

Confeitaria Nacional

Europe's oldest pastry shops

Here are nine of the world's oldest pastry shops -- tried and trusted by centuries of cake-hungry visitors.

Malaysia Airlines

New crash could seriously damage Malaysia Air

The loss of a second Boeing 777 in 131 days threatens Malaysia Airlines with another public relations and financial blow as it struggles to overcome industry…


Is this the future of private travel?

Is there any prospect that owning an aircraft could follow computers and cars in becoming affordable to the masses?


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