X2 Roller Coaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain

No. 4: X2 -- Six Flags Magic Mountain

Sure, speed and height is what really matters when it comes to roller coasters, but what about a coaster that can deliver both while sending you down a 215-foot drop head-first and face down?

That dream became a reality in 2008 when Six Flags Magic Mountain near Los Angeles took X, a coaster that originally opened in 2001, and spent $10 million transforming and upgrading it into the X2.The cutting-edge coaster places riders on wing-shaped trains where the seats extend off the tracks to the sides of the vehicle, allowing them to independently rotate you head over heels, forward and backward.

While you're twisting and turning in your seat, the whole train is racing at 76 mph through a massive 3,610-foot twisted steel maze. The X2 rises to a height of 190 feet and puts riders through 4 G's of pressure during its two-minute run.

Adding to the experience? A tunnel, a pair of flame throwers, on-board audio and a light experience that changes with every ride.