What’s a doctor to do when an accident on the interstate is keeping her from the operating room? Borrow a child’s bike to get to her patient, of course.

Dr. Catherine Baucom was headed to a surgery at the BRASS Surgery Center in Baton Rouge, La., Wednesday when she encountered a huge backup on Interstate 10, according to WAFB.

Rather than sit in traffic, Baucom headed to the home of a friend who lived nearby, calling him on the way to ask if he had a bike she could borrow. He did -- a hot pink bike and Disney princess-adorned helmet that belonged to his 7-year-old daughter.

The nearly 6-foot-tall Baucom hopped on the bike and started pedaling back to the interstate. She was stopped by police, but they were accommodating when she explained she needed to get to a surgery.

"They said, ‘We can escort you,’ and he essentially drove past me, and then he turned around and was videotaping me," Baucom told WAFB. "I did tell him I didn't know if he could keep up with me.”