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    New app helps flag suicidal tweets

    Suicide prevention organization Samaritans has launched a free app that flags disturbing tweets and sends an alert to friends.

    The app, Samaritans Radar, is currently available for Twitter users. Once downloaded, it sends an alert to your email addres...


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Rocket explosion and private sector

What rocket explosion means for private sector

Tuesday’s rocket explosion will have little effect on the private sector working with NASA to get Americans into space.

NASA rocket explosion 2

Rocket explosion investigation underway

An unmanned rocket carrying 5,000 pounds of supplies for the International Space Station explodes. Now NASA is asking questions.

OK Go unicycle video

The technology behind OK Go's new video

Meet the Japanese man behind OK Go's latest music video that's gone viral.

Rocket explosion from the air

Pilot captures rocket explosion from above

Video of the NASA rocket exploding during its launch Tuesday taken by a pilot who was flying in the area.

NASA rocket shock wave

Shock wave hits bystanders after rocket explodes

Cellphone video captures a massive shock wave following the explosion of NASA's Antares rocket Tuesday night.

NASA rocket explosion1

Witness: Rocket 'started to lean' before explosion

A witness to NASA's Antares rocket explosion says it started to lean shortly after launch.