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This robot wants to be a cowboy

SwagBot is a device created by engineers at the University of Sydney to assist with day-to-day ranching tasks.

Robot built by students for RNC

Students work with police to build robot for RNC

Law Enforcement had some help for the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. Students at Tri-C High School in Cleveland worked with police to build a robot.

Spacecraft Juno and Jupiter

NASA celebrates Juno spacecraft reaching Jupiter

The Juno spacecraft was launched August 5, 2011, and now it's in position to begin its mission of studying the planet Jupiter.

mobile shopping security

Be safer while shopping on your phone

It's getting easier and easier to use your phone to make purchases, but using your smartphone can also make it easy for hackers to steal your personal information.

Apple software updates

Apple announces new software updates

Apple announced its new software updates, which include adding Siri -- the voice recognition assistant -- to its line of computers.

Pepper 2

On Camera: Robot 'Pepper' can read your emotions

Japanese telecom company Softbank has created a robot named ‘Pepper’ designed to recognize human emotions and show its own ‘feelings.’ Softbank envisions ‘Pepper’ as a companion for the elderly, a teacher or an office and retail shop assistant.