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  • Drone

    FAA says 'no' to drones at Super Bowl

    Headed to the Super Bowl this weekend? Bring your money, foam finger and tickets -- heck, even bring your face paint -- but please leave your drone at home.

    At least that's what the Federal Aviation Administration wants.

    The FAA released a 15-second vi...


Technology Video

Driverless Mercedes

Audi, Mercedes Benz debut driverless cars

Innovators from around the world are in Las Vegas showing off the hottest technology at the Consumer Electronics Show. Among the showcases are cars that can drive themselves. Both Audi and Mercedes Benz brought their driverless cars to the show.

CES fitness gear

Fitness tools rule at electronics industry show

About 150,000 techies are expected to flock to Las Vegas this week for the Consumer Electronics Show. Just like last year, fitness gear is big. Jim Barry with the Consumer Electronics Show says last year the health and fitness category brought in more than $1 billion in overall sales and expanded by 85 percent this year.

Rocket explosion and private sector

What rocket explosion means for private sector

Tuesday’s rocket explosion will have little effect on the private sector working with NASA to get Americans into space.

OK Go unicycle video

The technology behind OK Go's new video

Meet the Japanese man behind OK Go's latest music video that's gone viral.

NASA rocket shock wave

Shock wave hits bystanders after rocket explodes

Cellphone video captures a massive shock wave following the explosion of NASA's Antares rocket Tuesday night.

iPhone 6 black market in China

IPhone 6 black market thriving in China

Chinese buyers are willing to pay big bucks for the iPhone 6, which hasn't gone on sale yet in China because it doesn't yet have government approval.