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doorstep package theft

Tech startup aims to stop doorstep package thefts

A San Francisco tech startup offers package delivery service to help stop doorstep thefts.

Smartphone rescue

How to rescue drowned smartphone

Company claims its new innovative process works better than a bowl of rice.

Student rocketeers

Students plan to send rocket into low orbit

University of California, San Diego students will attempt to become the first in the country to launch a rocket into the low reaches of space. The project is being developed by student engineers hoping to turn the experience into jobs.

Ebola app

App can track Ebola cases; Amazon donates phones

South African software developer Philip Uber had just moved to California with an app that can help track patients tested for the Ebola virus. However, not everyone had the phones necessary to run the app. Amazon, which was going to throw away their unpopular Fire phone, donated 1,000 phones for the effort.

Rosetta Comet separation

In a first, mankind lands on a comet

Imagine one speeding bullet landing on another speeding bullet. That giant leap for mankind happened today in space.

Comet landing reaction

Victory! Space probe lands on speeding comet

The European Space Agency celebrates after receiving confirmation that its Philae lander has attached itself to a comet.