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  • Robot furniture that builds itself

    Robot furniture that builds itself

    Imagine that the chair you're sitting on became a sofa on demand as the day moved from light to dark. Or if all your furnishings could move out of your way as you walk through a room. These thoughts could one day become reality through research being conducted at the Swiss Federal Institute of…


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Google exec heroin death yacht

The dangers of sex, lies and technology

Two high-profile criminal cases have put a spotlight on secret lives and affairs -- perhaps perpetuated by technology.

lock on computer keyboard online safey crime

How to avoid summer identity theft

Summer can be a hot time for identity theft. Here are some tips to avoid putting yourself in risky situations.

Google Glass pictures

App lets you take pictures with your mind

A new app allows Google glass users to take pictures ... with the power of the mind.

Man behind potato salad Kickstarter

Man turns to Kickstarter to make potato salad

Kickstarter. The website where you can help people turn their big ideas into reality....or help a guy in Ohio make his first batch of potato salad. art installation merging technology, art will be displaying his new work "Pyramidi" in London over the summer.

password stealing

Google Glass wearers can steal your passwords

New technology is making it that much easier for hackers to steal your password without you even knowing.