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  • Space-based solar power

    NASA prints 3-D wrench in space

    Bringing supplies to astronauts on the International Space Station can be a little screwy, leaving astronauts waiting for the next costly and risky resupply mission.

    This week, thanks to 3-D printing, astronaut and ISS commander Barry "Butch" Wilmore ...


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Interview tweet from Steven King

U.S. prepares response to N. Korean cyberattack

Censorship by cyberterrorism has sparked a debate over an appropriate response. The Obama Administration is expected to take action by publicly blaming North Korea for the hack against Sony Pictures and laying out evidence in what it's calling a serious national security issue.

Sony logo on headquarters

Sony hackers send threat to moviegoers

The personal involvement of Sony's CEO in the controversial film "The Interview" has infuriated North Korea.

Man Haron Monis on YouTube video

Sydney hostage-taker leaves digital footprint

Social media offers a haunting look at the final days of the now dead Sydney hostage taker.

Netflix on laptop

How Netflix transformed television

Netflix had a great 2014, but increased competition could strain the company in the year to come.

Rain, raindrops

Creating rain on request?

One company claims it has a solution to California's drought -- providing "rain on request."

Storm shelter for pets

Texas man invents storm shelter for pets

An inventor in Texas says he's figured out a way to keep pets safe in the event of severe weather.