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bottles of beer with condensation

SodaStream brews up a make your own beer machine

Don't like Bud or Coors Light? You will soon be able to easily make your own suds at home.

Starbucks logo

Now Starbucks is serving 'Nitro brew' coffee from a tap

It's summer, so cue all the newfangled iced-coffee drinks designed to beat the heat and boost sales.

Pizza hut logo

Pizza Hut is dropping two chemicals from its food

Pizza Hut has pledged to drop two preservatives and reduce its use of antibiotics as part of an effort to improve food quality.

Patriotic Coke cans

Coke debuts 'proud to be an American' cans

Coke has caught the patriotic fever.


Invasive lionfish now on Whole Foods menu

Lionfish with their distinctive venomous spines are an invasive species that has thrived in U.S. coastal waters because they have no natural predators -- until…


Trump celebrates delegate victory with McDonald's

Donald Trump is lovin' it.

Minneapolis blurb

Where is the next food trend? Try Minneapolis

Ask the average American what foods come to mind when they think of the Upper Midwest and the first images they conjure up might include sausages over a…

cans of Coke, Coca-Cola

Coke stops production in Venezuela amid sugar crisis

Coca-Cola ran out of sugar in Venezuela.

The company announced late Monday that it has temporarily stopped production of Coke and other sugar-sweetened…

Obama and Anthony Bourdain

Barack Obama, Anthony Bourdain dine in Vietnam

President Barack Obama took a detour on his Asia trip Monday when he dined with celebrity chef and adventurous eater Anthony Bourdain in Vietnam.

Listeria CNN

Listeria concerns prompt recalls

Products containing sunflower seeds from a Minnesota-based company are under a voluntary recall in at least 24 states.



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