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Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte

The annual pumpkin spice onslaught is here

Here's your forecast for fall: cooler, with a 100% chance of pumpkin spice.

Kellogg's is the latest to jump on the bandwagon started by Starbucks and its…

Trump says he won't eat Oreos after production moves to Mexico

Donald Trump says he will stop eating Oreo cookies after its parent company announced it was closing a factory in Chicago and moving it to Mexico.


'Just Mayo' not actually mayo, says FDA

What makes mayonnaise mayonnaise? Is it the white coloring? The thick paste-like consistency? A bland taste that nicely complements a turkey sandwich?…


Hey couch potatoes! Carvel and Cinnabon will soon come to you

No need to get up, couch potatoes, because Carvel's got a delivery app that is going to bring Cookie Puss right to your door.

Focus Brands is rolling out the…

Bon Appetit magazine (file photo)

Bon Appetit's best new restaurants of 2015

After crunching the numbers and chewing the fat, Bon Appetit magazine has come up with its list of the best new American restaurants of 2015.

Traversing the…

Happy woman with glasses

Study: Way to woman's heart is through her stomach

If you really want to get lucky in love, forget about taking her to a movie or a bar; you may be better off taking her out for dinner first.

McDonald's sign

Cleveland Clinic boots McDonald's from its food court

The Cleveland Clinic is kicking McDonald's off its campus.

Chef Fools Fine Diners with Inferior Food

'Chef' fools diners into enjoying cheap food

We've all been there. You're in a restaurant, slightly underwhelmed by dinner, when the chef emerges from the kitchen to ask how things are going.

The default…

salt shaker shaking out salt

Group: Fast food meals have too much salt

Fast food usually packs a salty punch -- and that's dangerous for kids.

Starbucks pumpkin spice latte

Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte will be made with real pumpkin

Starbucks is changing the recipe of its very popular Pumpkin Spice Latte and ... get this ... it's adding real pumpkin.


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