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Man arrested on heroin trafficking charges

The Pamilco County Sheriff's Office says a man has been arrested for trafficking heroin.


Embezzlement charge against youth club leader

Investigators say the president of a youth baseball club in Pender County stole more than $30,000 from the organization.

booze it app

Officials weigh in on drinking apps

Smart phone app stores have several apps available that say they can track your alcohol content. NewsChannel 12’s Juliana Valencia took a closer look at the app, “Can I drive yet?” and talked to officials on whether or not using it is a good idea.

capaign signs

Police: Man arrested for stealing campaign signs

A Lenoir County man was arrested Saturday for allegedly stealing campaign signs.


Deputies: Man steals TV, robs convenience store

A man was arrested after he allegedly stole a TV, left, and then returned to rob a convenience store in Pitt County, according to the Sheriff's Office.


Family raising money to bury Marine veteran killed in crash

The family of a Marine veteran killed in a fiery car crash says they need help paying for his burial.

fire flames

6 die in fire at eastern North Carolina home

Authorities say six people have died in a house fire in eastern North Carolina.


Moped driver injured in hit and run crash

A moped driver was struck by a vehicle and the driver left the scene Saturday night according to New Bern Police communications.


2 shot at Labor Day party in Pitt County

Deputies say they are looking for whoever shot two people at a party in Pitt County early Saturday morning.


Theft Graphic

ATF offering reward in stolen firearms case

After a Wilmington gun company had 39 hand guns stolen, one government agency and a trade association for the firearms industry are offering up a $10,000 for information leading to an arrest.

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  • North Korea gives US wrestlers star treatment 1

    Pro-wrestlers shake things up in North Korea

    The crowd cheers as the stars make their way to the ring for first pro-wrestling bout North Korea has seen in almost 20 years.

    Back then, we're told the spectators thought the action was real.

    Now, they're more savvy, and appreciative, clapping loudly ...




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