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POSTED: 2:56 PM Apr 19 2013
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NewsChannel 12 is now on your Android smartphone. The WCTI12.com Mobile Android app keeps you in touch anywhere and anytime with news, weather and video. Download it for free here, or simply text WCTI to 46988 (4MYTV) to get a link to the Android Market.*


Our free app is designed specifically for the iPhone, so you'll get crisp radar images, smooth news video and easy navigation between content sections. You can even customize the menu. Click here to download it from the App Store.

Mobile website

Access our free mobile site on your cell phone by entering wcti12.com in your mobile browser. You can also text WCTI to 46988 (4MYTV) to receive a link providing mobile access.*

Kindle Fire

WCTI12.com Kindle Fire Edition is now on your Kindle Fire. The WCTI12.com Kindle Fire Edition app keeps you in touch anywhere, anytime with news, weather and video. Download it for free here.

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