Skip Waters

POSTED: 1:30 PM Jun 04 2012   UPDATED: 5:46 PM Apr 02 2013

My television career actually started before I made a career choice to pursue broadcast meteorology.

From fall 1970 through spring 1971, I was the science, geography and miscellaneous team representative on the WBBH-TV20 "High School Quiz Bowl" program in Fort Myers, Fla., where I attended North High School. I was the blond kid who knew the answer to questions like "what fish has both eyes on one side of its head?.... North Fort Myers.... Waters.... the Flounder" and "what is the ugliest mammal on earth?.... The warthog."

Little did I know that to be the beginning of a fun and exciting career in television. After college at the University of South Florida in Tampa, I returned to Fort Myers and went to work as a television meteorologist at WEVU-TV26 the ABC affiliate in Southwest, Fla. I worked there from October 1976 through April 1982, when the opportunity to return home to my native North Carolina was made available to me at NewsChannel 12. It was a pleasure to move back to North Carolina, where I was born (Greensboro), and where most of my family still lives.