How not to stare at someone who's different

In the moment, remind kids of the "only eyes" rule: If they're going to look, they should focus on the person's eyes, not gawk at his funny outfit. It's also a good idea to prep children before you run into a situation so that they're not caught off guard. Go through a few examples of the types of people they may encounter, then ask them how they would feel if strangers were eyeballing them.

Highly specific (and perhaps hilarious) dos and don'ts from Real Simple readers and staff

DO remove both earbuds when having a conversation. DON'T clip your nails in public.

DO smile at coworkers as you pass in the hall. DON'T ask newlyweds when they plan to start a family.

DO cover your mouth when yawning. DON'T wear so much perfume that people can smell it from more than an arm's length away.

DO be kind to restaurant and retail staff. DON'T say that you'll be there in 10 minutes if it's really 20.

DO hold the door for the person behind you, and also grab the door when you're the one for whom the door is being held. DON'T blow your nose at the table.

DO put your shopping cart where it belongs instead of leaving it in a parking space to crash into a random car. DON'T ask when she's due if you're not certain she's pregnant.

DO wipe down the exercise machine at the gym after you're finished. DON'T say "No problem" when you mean "You're welcome."

DO move to the right when you pass other pedestrians on the sidewalk. DON'T be too much of a stickler for manners or you'll drive yourself bananas -- life is short!