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Wayne County man arrested after stabbing

One man was charged after a stabbing incident in Wayne County, according to the Sheriff's Department.

Lent observances begin, starting with Ash Wednesday

Many Christians around the world begin Lent observances today.

Public hearing to rezone a piece of land approved

In a meeting Tuesday night, New Bern City of Aldermen approved a public hearing to rezone a piece of land.

Greenville Police searching for package thief

Greenville Police are searching for a man who was caught on home surveillance video allegedly stealing a package off someone's porch.

FEMA building

McCrory, Sprayberry talking to federal emergency council

Gov. Pat McCrory and his top first responder to hurricanes and snowstorms are meeting with emergency management leaders nationwide to talk about how North Carolina emergency officials prepare for the worst.

Local sheriff discovers gunned down dog, vows to charge killer

Jones County Sheriff, Danny Heath, revealed on social media that he discovered a dog who appeared to be shot in the head and vowed to find the dog's killer.

Board of Aldermen approves another rate reduction in New Bern

Electric rates will once again drop for residents in New Bern.

Events to mark anniversary of deaths of three Muslim students

A Muslim advocacy group is urging people to participate in three events honoring three college students who were shot to death in Chapel Hill last year.

Waris Ahluwalia

Sikh actor: Education must follow apology over turban incident

Waris Ahluwalia may make it back to New York in time for Fashion Week after all.

Trump and Jeb

Candidates: South Carolina, here we come

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders trounced their rivals in the New Hampshire primary, winning 35% and 60%, respectively, with nearly all votes counted Wednesday morning.

The dominance of outsider candidates in the first primary of th...

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