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Burglars steal dog ashes

Burglars steal ashes of woman's 2 dogs

Neighbors were able to interrupt two burglars, but not before they stole the remains of two dogs from a woman's central Phoenix home.

Taxi scares off wolves

Taxi scares wolves away from buffalo

Incredible video from Canada shows a taxi cab driver coming to the aid of a herd of buffalo.

Pot dispensary Santa

Pot shop removes weed-smoking Santa art

Santa was a little too jolly for neighbors of a marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins mistakenly welcomes wrong students

Nearly 300 applicants to Johns Hopkins University had their hopes dashed after they were sent acceptance letters by mistake.

Money, $100

Mystery man hands out $100 bills in Massachusetts

A mystery man makes the season a bit brighter for employees of two coffee shops in Massachusetts.

Goodwill store

Cremated remains donated to Goodwill

Talk about a grave mistake. Workers at a Goodwill in Indiana find cremated remains among their donations.

Leon Tennant

DNA from beard leads cops to burglar

A burglary suspect is caught by DNA from the hair on his chinny chin chin, according to police.

Scott Walker Wisconsin Governor

Wis. governor's Hanukkah message: 'Molotov!'

Wisconsin's governor is taking some heat for what he calls a typo in a Hanukkah letter.

Hugo Rivera

Corrections officer arrested for shoplifting

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office said an eight-year veteran of the Department of Corrections stole nearly $1,100 in Walmart merchandise with his own daughter…

Calgary's worst driver video

Video of 'Calgary's worst driver' goes viral

A Canadian woman's painfully hilarious, four-minute attempt to back out of a parking space has gone viral.

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