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Tony Robbins firewalkers hurt

Tony Robbins 'fire walk' over hot coals injures 30

At least 30 people were treated for minor burns after walking on hot coals during self-help guru Tony Robbins' "Unleash the Power Within" seminar in Dallas,…

Police find heroin mill hidden in candy store

The owners of a New York City candy shop had a bad day when police discovered they were selling heroin, The Associated Press reports.


Man brags about robbery on Facebook, is arrested

Two Florida men are behind bars after one of them posted about a jewelry heist on his Facebook page.


Dad takes out full newspaper ad to find son a wife

A concerned father took out a full newspaper ad seeking a wife for Idaho resident and 48-year-old son, Baron Brooks.

TV remote, television

LG announces mosquito-repellent TV

In an effort to slow diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, electronics company LG announced a TV designed to repel mosquitoes.

McDonalds Big Mac and french fries

Man uses McDonald's burgers, fries to make smoothie

A Washington man took juicing to another level after he created a smoothie concoction made entirely of McDonald's food, UPI reports.

Barney firefighters

Alabama teen gets stuck in Barney head

Trussville firefighters had to help a 15-year-old girl get out of the head of a Barney the dinosaur costume.

bottles of beer with condensation

Babysitter holds kids hostage for drinking her booze

A 30-year-old Utah woman was arrested Saturday after four teens say she held them hostage for drinking her vodka while she was babysitting them.


Dad extracts son's loose tooth with actual helicopter

A Virginia dad posted a video to his Facebook page of his son losing a tooth with the help of an actual helicopter, UPI reports.


Robot causes traffic jam after it escapes from lab

An adventurous robot caused a traffic jam in Russia when it escaped its laboratory, according to UPI.

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