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Pokemon GO Screenshot

Pokemon fever rages near North Korean border

This northeastern tip of South Korea lies just outside the index grids the game's developers use to geographically block the country.

Police lights file

Man prompts evacuation after cooking urine

A Massachusetts man prompted the evacuation of his apartment building Wednesday after fellow tenants complained to police about a "pungent odor," which turned…

carpool lane

Woman uses dummy as passenger in carpool lane

A New York woman was pulled over Thursday after police realized she was riding with a fake passenger in order to use the carpool lane.

coffee mate coffee creamer

Woman gets revenge on coffee creamer thief

A woman who was fed up with her coworker using her coffee creamer without asking sought revenge by filling the container with her breast milk.


Georgia officials to move roadkill dumpster after complaints

A dumpster used to discard road debris--including roadkill--in Georgia is being moved due to complaints, The Associated Press reports.

George Washington

Museum showcases former presidents' hair

A Philadelphia museum is offering an exhibit showcasing the hair of former presidents to coincide with the Democratic National Convention, The Associated…

Bernie Sanders supporters

Sanders supporters plan 'fart-in' for convention

Democratic delegates who support former candidate Bernie Sanders, plan to make a stink at the Democratic National Convention.

dollar bills, money

Iowa man lucks out with second lottery win

An Iowa man hit the jackpot not once, but twice, banking his second win from the state lottery.

Police lights file 2

Man soaks marijuana in brain preservation liquid

Police charged a Pennsylvania man with abuse of a corpse and conspiracy after they discovered he had been spraying embalming fluid on his marijuana, The…

Knightscope robot

300-pound mall robot runs over toddler

For Silicon Valley toddlers who are learning to walk, there's a new lesson -- watch out for the robots.

A mother and father watched in horror as a security…

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