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Motorist wounded during shootout with NC law officers

A motorist is hospitalized with gunshot wounds after a shootout with North Carolina law officers.

TX Gov. releases statement on death of Justice Antonin Scalia

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released the following statement on the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Waffle House Bet

NC State student loses bet, spends 30 hours in Waffle House

 A North Carolina State University student has spent 30 straight hours at a Raleigh Waffle House after losing a bet.

Pitt Co. authorities identify man killed in house fire

The Pitt County Sheriff's Office has identified a man killed in a house fire Friday evening.

West Craven High School remembers two football players killed in car crash

Friends, family, faculty, and community members all packed West Craven High Schools gym Saturday to remember two football players killed in car crash Friday night.

Fatal crash victim, community figure laid to rest

A well-known figure in the New Bern community was laid to rest Saturday.

Two West Craven High School football players killed in car crash

Family members and friends are mourning the loss of two high school seniors and football players following a car crash Friday afternoon.

NAACP 10th annual march & rally in Raleigh

Demonstrators seeking what they call progressive policies in North Carolina state government are gathering for their 10th annual march and rally, led by the state NAACP.

Ben Carson's Stalin quote found lacking

Ben Carson's Josef Stalin quote distraction

At the Republican debate Saturday night, Ben Carson referenced a line he said came from Josef Stalin, but it appears the Soviet leader never uttered the quote.

Police lights file

Masked men shoot police officer during robbery

Two masked men shot a police officer in the head while he was responding to a robbery in Mississippi, authorities said.

The Clarksdale Police Department officer is undergoing treatment after the shooting Saturday night, Mayor Bill Luckett said.

His co...

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