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June's unemployments show improvement for North Carolina

The unemployment numbers are down for 81 counties in North Carolina for the month of June.

Shooting Investigation

3 people killed, 3 deputies wounded in shootout

A North Carolina sheriff says three people have been killed and three deputies injured in a shootout at a mobile home park outside Fayetteville.

Suspect wanted in hit-and-run crash involving deputy

Troopers are working to find the driver responsible for causing a chain-reaction crash on Highway 70 involving three vehicles, including a Craven County deputy.

Onslow Co woman arrested on methamphetamine trafficking charges

Police: Woman arrested for methamphetamine trafficking

An Onslow County woman was arrested Tuesday by the Jacksonville Police Department for trafficking methamphetamine, according to arrest warrants.

Jacksonville woman faces felony charges for stealing a sex toy

Police: Jacksonville woman faces felony charges for stealing sex toy

A Jacksonville woman is facing felony charges after she removed an anti theft device from a sex toy, according to arrest warrants.

Witness: Woman ejected from flipping vehicle

Troopers are investigating a single-vehicle rollover crash that temporarily closed the eastbound lanes of Highway 64.

Police: Man uses fake child abuse donation box to get money

An Onslow County man has been arrested for creating a fake child abuse donation box outside a store in order to take people's money.

Capitol building dome

House authorizes lawsuit against Obama

The Republican-led House approved a resolution on Wednesday authorizing Speaker John Boehner to sue President Barack Obama.

Shujaiya neighborhood, Gaza

In Gaza, 'humanitarian window' shuts fast

An airstrike hits an open air market. An explosion rocks a school-turned-shelter. A booby-trapped tunnel explodes.

These were among the scenes in Gaza in a more-than-three-week-old conflict that has left more than 1,300 people dead and even more wound...

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