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Dispatch: Man dies after getting pinned under tractor

A man pinned under a tractor in Pitt County Thursday evening has died, officials said.

Former Harlem Globetrotter from New Bern dies

A former West Craven High School star athlete, who was also a Harlem Globetrotter, died unexpectedly on Friday.


NC Governor wants lower college tuition for veterans

Gov. Pat McCrory says he wants to make it easier for new veterans to attend any of North Carolina's community colleges.

marine torches

Marine convicted of torching home

 A Marine torches his ex-wife's father's house and locks the family's dog inside the home. That medically discharged Marine, Jamison K. Hardy, pleaded guilty…

Ed Brown and Hans Miller

Sheriff candidate accused of involvment in Onslow Co. bomb threats

The Onslow County sheriff said he was told his election opponent was involved in a series of bomb threats in the county.

Soldier Arrested

Ft. Bragg soldier accused of Philadelphia robbery

An Army paratrooper at Fort Bragg has been arrested and charged with being involved in a robbery in Philadelphia in 2002.

John Edwards working as attorney in medical malpractice case

Former U.S. senator and Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards was back in the Pitt County Courthouse Thursday to help represent a 4-year-old Virginia…

Families of ferry victims South Korea

Captain not at helm when ferry capsized

The captain of a South Korean ferry wasn't at the helm of his vessel when it capsized, an official said Friday, raising another question about the man who…

Rescue boat near Sewol South Korea

S. Korea ferry disaster: The challenge ahead

The South Korean ferry that sank dramatically on Wednesday with hundreds of passengers on board had been modified after coming to the country from Japan over a…

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