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State legislature wraps up two-year session

North Carolina's legislature has gone home for good after wrapping up their two-year session.

NC legislators approve regulating toxic coal ash

North Carolina lawmakers have approved legislation they say makes the state the nation's first to address decades of toxic water pollution from residue left behind by coal-burning electricity plants.

Hunter fills Martin's NC associate justice seat

A Republican Court of Appeals judge will join the state Supreme Court two months before he's scheduled to be on the ballot to run for the same seat on North Carolina's highest court.

Solution reached in bus stop controversy in Craven County

In years past, school buses were not allowed through the community gates of Fairfield Harbour-- the bus stop had to be outside the gates. 

Fisher's Landing Proposed Alcohol Ban

Fisher's Landing officials consider alcohol ban

There's a debate about alcohol use in a certain portion of the Croatan  National Forest-- and it's up for public input.

nc house

NC legislature wraps up two year session

North Carolina's legislature has gone home for good after wrapping up their two-year session.

Herbert Heath Jr.

Man charged with murder after mother found dead in fire

A man is accused of murdering his 62-year-old mother, who was found dead after a mobile home fire in Beaufort County over the weekend.

Argentinian President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Argentina has had it with U.S. bond laws

Argentina wants to take its ball and go home in its ongoing debt crisis.

James Foley in bushes

Beheading of James Foley recalls past horrors

The beheading of American journalist James Foley by ISIS militants has stirred grim memories, bringing into focus once again the risks faced by reporters in modern conflicts.

Foley's death recalls the murder of Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal co...

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