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Alpha Delta Phi

District Attorney will not seek charges in Duke fraternity rape investigation

The Durham County District Attorney's Office says no criminal charges will be filed against members of Alpha Delta Phi fraternity following allegations of rape.

Ayden police report home invasion, assault

Ayden Police responded to a home invasion, robbery and assault that took place Tuesday in Ayden.

Authorities prepare for holiday on roads and waterways

Law enforcement officers will be monitoring our roads and waterways as thy prepare for the holiday weekend.

Parts of NC could see summer drought

 A forecast from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says drought is likely to develop in central North Carolina through September.

(img1)Donnie Cox shortwave radio (7-2-15)

Amateur radio operators show off their talents during Field Day event

It was one year ago Hurricane Arthur had the sites set on eastern Carolina. At this time of the year, these storms are always a major concern for us. Sometimes, they can disrupt communications and halt the flow of information.

(img1)Evening Ocracoke shark update (7-2-15)

Beachgoers, officials respond one day after Ocracoke shark attack

We’ve had another shark attack on Wednesday, this time off the shore of Ocracoke Island. This marks the seventh attack off the North Carolina coast in just three weeks.

Church fires

Why are black church fires associated with acts of hate?

It's a visceral and involuntary reaction, perhaps even knee-jerk: A black church burns in the South and our minds race immediately to hatred. It must be arson. It must be the handiwork of some despicable white supremacist.

US airstrike Syria

Top ISIS leader killed in coalition airstrike

Senior ISIS leader Tariq Al-Harzi was killed by a coalition airstrike in Syria last month, a U.S. official said Thursday.

Al-Harzi was responsible for getting people and materials into Iraq and Syria, and worked to recruit fighters, according to Capt....

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