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Moen warehouse

Moen warehouse expected to create jobs, revenue in Craven County

The new facility, which is not far from Moen's assembly plant in New Bern, is expected to have at least 75 jobs in place when it opens next year.


Dense Fog Advisory until 9:00 A.M. for areas east of Highway 17

A complex weather scenario will play out this early Wednesday morning. Cool air is wedged across inland areas. This has cooled temperatures down to near the dew point and as a result has created dense fog.

Update: Former teacher wanted for sexual assault turns herself in

The former South Lenoir High School teacher who was wanted for committing a sexual assault on a student turned herself into the Lenoir County Sheriff’s office on Tuesday, according to officials.

Underage drinking reduction effort in North Carolina continues

Gov. Pat McCrory says a year-old state government effort to reduce underage drinking is making strong impressions upon parents and their children about a serious issue, but more needs to be done.

Progressive groups announce plans to register voters

Progressive groups in North Carolina say they're starting a campaign to sign up voters between now and 25 days before the March primary, when registration ends.

State school report cards released

Tuesday was the day Public Schools of North Carolina released its annual report cards on every school in the state.

McCrory joins court brief in Virginia district case

Gov. Pat McCrory says he's put his name on a court brief siding with a Virginia school district sued over a transgender teenager and the use of bathrooms.

Pirates won't accept special invite from NCAA for bowl game

The NCAA is granting a special waiver for teams with five wins this season since there are not enough six-win teams to play in bowl games. But ECU won't accept an invitation to a postseason game.

Donkey rides in squad car

Cop takes donkey for a ride-along

You'll find a lot of jackasses in the back of a squad car, but you don't expect to see a real donkey.

Marissa Mayer

Yahoo could be looking for a buyer

Unable to turn its fortunes around, Yahoo is reportedly thinking about selling its pioneering Internet business.

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